Who am I?

Hi! I'm Charlotte Veronica, and writing music professionally has been my passion for a long time now. I started Starlotte Music as a means to put my name out into the professional world. With this, I hope to take the next big step in my journey towards composing professionally.

What is Starlotte Music?

Starlotte Music is an individually run commission-based music composition and production service. Whatever you may need music for, be it a game, short film, video, etc., Starlotte Music will produce high quality songs for your project. For pricing details, as well as contact with me, click here. Additionally, a portfolio with some of my best works can be found here.

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I've been writing music across many styles and genres over the past 4 years, and have had experience with music for over 8. Below are some of my best works from those years.


Previous Collaborations

Match Solitaire

Hot Chai Productions' Match Solitaireā„¢

Solitaire Meets It's Match! Match Solitaire retains the spirit of the beloved Solitaire genre and takes it to the next level with a newly imagined matching twist. The entire soundtrack of Match Solitaire was written by me over the course of a month or two. This includes the opening theme, the daily challenge theme, and both introduction and victory themes for a wide cast of adorable characters. This also includes the work-in-progress soundtrack, which will feature a few full bonus songs of character's individual themes.


    I like to have transparency with the quality of my work. As such, I encourage my past clients to leave an honest review of their experiences with my services, for the sake of new and returning patrons alike.

Contact Me

After you submit your request, I'll respond as soon as possible with a general pricing range. You can usually expect a response within 24 hours or less (I'm based on JST). Try to be as descriptive as possible, every detail helps!

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Pricing Guide

Full Songs - Starts at $19.99

- Instrumental only
- Can write backing for lyrics/singing, cannot write lyrics
- Can write alongside animation
- Songs can be original, remixes, covers, etc.

$19.99 for first minute
$14.99 every additional minute
Exact price determined using exact length of product.

Jingles - $14.99

- Perfect for advertisements, logos, slogans
- Can include tagline for product, however tagline must already be written/recorded.
- Tends to have simpler, catchier melodies so your product sticks

$14.99 for a max of 30 seconds

Ringtones - $9.99

- Custom ringtones
- Instrumental only
- Ringtones can be original, remixes, covers, etc.
- Optional custom text tone to go alongside ringtone for a small additional fee

$9.99 for a max of 30 seconds
Can add custom text tone for $2.50

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